On the Tensions of Dealing With People

On July 21st until the 27th my roomie redacted was hosting his parents, his youngest sister and his aunt. At my house. To describe it nicely… they cramped my style. Of course they were nice and mostly pleasant people but the mere fact that they were inhabiting the space that is normally shared by just two could not be ignored.

Normally, I place little restraint on the things that I say or do or wear while wandering around my house. Often times I find myself walking about making strange noises, because they amuse me so, wearing nothing but my drawers at three in the morning on a weeknight. This type of activity is perfectly fine under normal circumstances but certainly not so when there are four strangers sleeping all about my abode.

Having to spend the extra energy to consciously watch what I said, did, and even wore was a trying task. My limit on such careful attention to what I say and do is at most two days. After that the stresses of “being nice” started to get to me. I can not recall how long it has been since I have felt so mentally exhausted. Couple that with the fact that I was still recovering from the aforementioned cold and those are the perfect ingredients for an unhappy Me.

It is nice to have my place back to me and only having to deal with one person instead of five.

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