Woe is me!

Oh, woe is me! While driving around all of northern Illinois yesterday I had a tickle in my throat and in the early afternoon the muscles in my back started to ache. I figured it had to be due to the aging driver seat in my 1994 Ford Taurus and the lack of air conditioning in my car. Early in the day my forehead had started to itch and burn just the slightest bit. Without looking too closely it was easy to attribute those sensations to going out in to the heat and having sweat evaporate off my head.

Fast forward to 8:00 this morning when, much to my surprise, I found that my throat hurt exceedingly. After trying a few things to see if I could quash the feeling in my throat with a little food and drink it became apparent that this was not a temporary situation. A quick check on WedMD offered up some possible maladies. Strep Throat and a Sore Throat seemed to fit the symptoms with me leaning a bit towards the possibility of Strep Throat. After calling in to work to let them know I would not be coming in for fear that I would get everyone sick I went back to bed until 7 PM when I was rudely interrupted by my roommate REDACTED. Now I am wide awake, popping cough drops like candy and contemplating the benefits of using this situation as a springboard to my eventual cessation of smoking tobacco.

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