On the different way I see the world

I am very lucky to be employed at the place where I work. I get to do things that I enjoy; namely working on computers and driving all over the state. At my workbench I have various tools, screwdrivers, miscellaneous parts et cetera. Also among my tools is the very useful but innocuous paper plate. Having a nice container for all the screws that come out of laptops is of utmost importance. Nothing screams poor workmanship than not having all the screws or bolts or parts put back from whence they came. With my paper plate I can keep them all in a nice place and they do not get lost.

Now, the reason for this post is something that makes me smile every time I see it. You see, after losing a few of these very useful paper plates I started writing my name on them so they would not wander off or be used for their original purpose of holding food. Now, my paper plate not only has my name on it but a little message not to destroy this oh so useful tool.

My plate now reads “Spencer” on one line and “Do not destroy” on another. However, my sideways brain reads this as “Spencer, do not destroy!” as if the Spencer of the past made a note to self for the Spencer of the future to remind him not to use his powers to destroy things. It makes me smirk.

What can I say?

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