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Add one more thing that creeps me out to the list

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009
Seriously? What the hell? What the FUCKING HELL!
Seriously? What the hell? What the FUCKING HELL!

That would be asian people dressed up as clown/ragdoll zombie hybrids. Whatever it is they are they creep the fuck out of me. Thanks a lot Detroit Public Television.

On two things I do not like

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

There are really two kinds of people that I do not like in this world. I can deal with mean, spacey, weird, ugly, tall, foreign, and the like. The two types that I can not are clowns and dentists.

Sure, deep down inside they are alright people I guess. Maybe. The problem I have is their profession.

Clowns, for example, are hidden under baggy clothes and an excess of makeup. It makes one wonder if they are trying to hide something. The over exaggerated features, huge mouth, and lack of or too crazy hair is just weird. Creepy even. They almost bring out a fight-or-flight reflex in me.

Dentists, while working, seem to me to be sadists. The un-naturalness of sharp, pointy and pokey objects in my mouth and the varieties of torture they are used to inflict makes one uncomfortable to a very large degree. Mr. or Mrs. Dentist doesn’t seem to notice let alone mind the watering eyes, clenched fists, and other such signs of distress in the victim patient. The just continue along their not so merry way until they feel they are finished with you. Then, to make the situation worse, one usually has to give the Dentist or his assistants money for the opportunity to be tortured.

On changes

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

Changes, changes, changes!

Regular visitors to my site (Hi Mom!) may notice a new theme and a few new things floating about. You see, the reason behind this, well, change is that change is in the air. Summer has finally arrived, I have a new car, and I have decided that I need to actually get around to doing things that are useful to me personally as well as financially.

So, onward with change for the better. One of the changes is that I will actually post useful things on this here site and maybe someone, somewhere, over the rainbow will find the information I post useful. I’ve been told by my friend Krazy Keri that I should share the information that I have and another friend Paulina asserts that I should write a book or some other publication for the sole reason of financial gain. I figure posting in a blog is a nice compromise as long as I see something from my friends at Google.

So, here we go. More posts to come.