Curse you Past-Self

By Sygma6 July 12th, 2014, under Random, Uncategorized

The burning! The fiery poop! Dear Past-Self,

Die. I hate you. I do not care that those jalapeno laced breadsticks were “oh-so-derishus.” You can’t just think of yourself. You MUST consider your pal, Future-Self, who deals with all your shit as well. Thank you.

That is all,


Another Friday night… *sigh*

By Sygma6 March 1st, 2013, under Uncategorized
This guy looks like I feel.

This guy looks like I feel.

So, here I am on another Friday night. All week I was looking forward to this time only to find myself laying on the couch and doing nothing. Methinks a little shakeup is in order. Sometimes we don’t want the funk.

Black comedy with a really really white guy

By Sygma6 February 25th, 2013, under Movies
Iiiiiiit's.... Whitey!

Iiiiiiit’s…. Whitey!


As a fan of the inimitable Matt Lucas I had to watch Small Apartments. What a truly odd movie. One thing that stood out was the lack of pants on the main character. The entire movie. Moving past that oddness there was plenty of other oddness in this movie to enjoy.